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First Defense Safety Training LLC presents the Firefighter Entrance Exam Review Course. New York State schedules the Entrance Fire Exam for the month of March. Contact your local municipal civil service commission to determine if this test is scheduled for the Fire Department you wish to be employed with.
- The course will start in January and run through the week of the March exam date.
- Instruction will focus on the core topics tested on the New York State Entrance Firefighter Exam.
- Instructors are Fire Officers Active and Retired. Over 200 years+ firefighting experience.
*A Certified Teacher will instruct on the “Preparing Written Material” subject.*
- First Class is free of charge with no obligation to complete the full course.
*Reservations for the 1st class is required; e-mail your name, phone. You will receive an email back confirming your reservation, dates and location of the class.
If you have any questions about our entrance exam course, contact Jim Agostino at First Defense Safety Training in Hawthorne, New York, today. Contact him by phone: (914) 879-2342, or by e-mail: